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Photo Gallery

Shree Laxmi Mittal A steel tycoon and richest person

Santosh Nair, very Popular Motivational Trainer,Mumbai and Aarfin Khan, Peak Performance Coach,

Shahbuddin Rathod A very famous Humourist of Gujarat

Sam Pitroda Chairman, Knowledge Commission of India

Shree Rajendrasinh Rana HEAD OF BJP, GUJARAT

Pujya Pramukh Swami Maharaj Chief priest of BAPS

Pujya Prakashmani Dadi Head of Brahmakumari Vishwa Vidyalay

Shree Narendra Modi Chief Minister of Gujarat

Pujya Morari Bapu A famous kathakar on Ramayan

Manhar Udhas Famous Bollywood singer

Apra Mehta A famous T V Serial Artist of India.

Shree Keshubhai Patel Ex-Chief Minister of Guajarat

Magician K. Lal A world famous magician from india

Late Pujya Jambu Vijay Maharaj A renound authority on Jain Religion Knowledge

Pujya Indira Betiji A very respected leader of Vaishnav Religion

Hussein A famous T V Artist in Telewood

Shree Hira Rattan Manek A person who fasted for 411 days in a raw.

Shree Hasmukh Patel, D.I.G. Govt. of Gujarat
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Dr. Adhia
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