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Courses / Dynamic Memory Workshop

by Mr. Suhag Panchal

Course details

This is 30 hours (2 hours a day for 15 days) training for the students.
It will be taught in Gujarati, Hindi and English.

Mr. Suhag Panchal is the trainer for this.

It will be theory and practical with competitions.
Homework will be given to the students.
Contents will be as follows:
Theory of memory (mechanism and secrets).
  1. How to enjoy exams.
  2. Association technique.
  3. Peg word technique.
  4. How to remember name and faces.
  5. How to remember birth dates and anniversaries.
  6. How to remember facts and figures.
  7. How to remember dates of the events.
  8. How to remember spellings.
  9. How to remember formulas and maps.
  10. How to remember foreign language vocabulary.
  11. Mind maps
  12. Acronym technique.
  13. Sing your answer technique.
  14. Revision technique.
  15. Scanning technique.
  16. How to remember whole book.
  17. Faster reading.
  18. A kit containing study material will be given.
Free follow up counseling will be provided either personally or on phone.

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