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There are many problems in our life, which are related to our mind. Reprogramming our mind can solve all these problems. So we have started a PolyClinic where all such problems will be solved under expert guidance of Dr Jeetendra Adhia.

The person has to come for approximately 6 times to the clinic at the interval of one week to one month depending on the problem. Each visit or consultation will require approximately one hour. The person has to come with the prior appointment.

Phobia Clinic

The difference between Phobia and fear is that Fear is realistic and Phobia is unrealistic fear. For example, a person can naturally fear Tiger or a Cobra but if some one has terrible fear of Cockroach or a Lizard than it is Phobia. There can be a phobia of Lift, Escalator, Aeroplane, Height, Water etc.

Phobia is removed instantaneously with the NLP technique and supported with Hypnosis.

Painless Delivery Clinic

Most people think that severe pain during the childbirth is natural and can’t be avoided but it is wrong. With the help of Self-Hypnosis it can be completely prevented and childbirth can be a pleasant experience.

A lady has to come 6 times during the pregnancy. She will be taught Self-Hypnosis technique, to be used during the childbirth.

Sound Sleep Clinic

Insomnia is a common problem in the modern society. My experience says that 30% people have this problem and they resort to sleeping pills. Sleeping pills are addictive and harmful to the health if taken for long.

We train the person to use the Self-Hypnosis technique to go to sleep every day, which is harmless.

Coronary Reversal Clinic
Our body is a natural healing mechanism. We get the health problem because; we abuse our body by wrong life style.

Just knowing the origin of this dangerous disease and practicing healthy life style with some Mind Power Techniques, the coronary blockage can be naturally cleared without undergoing angioplasty or by-pass surgery.
Garbha Sanskar Clinic

The child can be programmed in mothers womb is a well-known fact. We all know the example of Abhimanyu who was taught some war strategy in his mother\'s womb.

A child can be positively programmed in mother\'s womb by some simple but very effective Mind Power Techniques. Actually this is the best period to train the child.

Here the mother will be trained to use some Mind Power Techniques to train or to program her child which can be practiced regularly at home.

Enjoy Exam Clinic

For every child the exam time is the nightmare because of various reasons. The exam phobia and high expectation is the main culprit.

A student can be taught to release the anxiety and develop self-confidence and concentration power, so that instead of fearing the exam he will look forward to it with enjoyment.

Positive Health Clinic
Importance of health is realized only when we loose it. No amount of wealth can restore the health once it is lost. Steve Jobs had all the wealth of the world but it did not help him to restore his health. Actually health is the biggest wealth.   I, being a specialist of Preventive Medicine, can be the right person to train the people to have positive health. I, myself is the example of positive health. I have seen people with millions in the bank with lots of health problems. What a pity!
Confidence Building Clinic

It is the pity that highly knowledgeable and intelligent people are working for the people with less knowledge and intelligence. Why? Because they don’t have confidence. The confidence is the most important human quality required to succeed in life.


Confidence is a mind programming. If you don’t have it now, it can be installed with NLP (Neuro linguistic Programing) techniques.

Weight Reduction Clinic

Obesity is the biggest health problem in the effluent society. It is said that half of the Americans are obese.

Obesity is the wrong programming of mind. Actually our body is the manifestation of our mind.


Most of the weight reduction strategy is imposing certain behavior and habits without touching the mind programming. That is the reason why people bounce back when he/she stops using that strategy.


My son Nimish is the example of this mind reprogramming. He was 115 kg and 44” size waist at the age of 18 years. Now he is 85 kg with 34” waist size. He is maintaining that for last 6 years. He has written a book on it, “My 10 inch Journey”.

Spiritual Healing Clinic

I decide to change my field from Allopathic Medicine to Mind Medicine when I saw a case of incurable blood cancer getting cured because of spiritual healing.

Our thoughts, belief, emotions, attitude and words affect our health. We never realize this. Any negativity in above will bring disease in our body. By realizing this and changing our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, attitude and words we can restore our health.

Power Vision Clinic

This is a break-through technology. The vision can be restored to normal without glasses or laser treatment it is done through the mind reprogramming.

Dr. Adhia

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